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Doctor P.clean Hand Sanitizer

✅ Our hand sanitiser product with 70 % alcohol. We have approval from moh

✅ Our hand sanitizer formula is characterized by a lot of ingredients that eliminate germs and give the hands softness and moisture to maintain the skin.

✅ The primary active materials were selected from the best international companies.



Introducing our new quick & easy way to achieve High Level Disinfection. Designed for Professional Users and combined cleaning and disinfection for hard surfaces:

✅ Powerful action – tested and proven to be effective against enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, including Norovirus
✅ tick green Dual Action – cleans and disinfects in one easy application
✅ Tick green Versatile – ideal for multi-industry use, across many different applications


Doctop P. Clean is the new, innovative & highly effective way for professionals to disinfect surfaces:

• Broad spectrum application – including enveloped & non-enveloped viruses, gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi, yeasts and moulds.
• Multi-industry use – ideally suited for professional users in the food, beverage and catering industry, hospitals & healthcare or anywhere requiring high level decontamination and disinfection.
• Highly effective – tested to International Standards and under dirty conditions
• Powerful action – cleans and disinfects in one operation and exhibits excellent cleaning properties.
• Versatile – use with your existing cleaning and equipment – as can be applied on surfaces by mop, wipe, lance, spray and surface flooding or by immersion for tools and equipment
• Ready to use formula – no complicated mixing required



► High and persistent residual activity for long lasting protection
► Gentle formula that keeps skin in good condition
► Prevents bacteria growth for up to 24 hours
► Skin friendly, safe for frequent uses
► Quick drying, pleasant scented, non-rinse
► Doctor P.Clean is efficient, fast, easy to use and gives quick result


► No Alcohol
► Hospital Grade
► Extensive coverage
► Kills 99.9% of germs
► Proven to Kill COVID-19
► Made and manufactured in Oman