Our Goal

Since pine blossom’s goal was to offer a leading Omani product in detergents and disinfectants industry that achieves the missing part in both local and international markets, this part achieves the equation of high quality of products with competitive prices that verify the desired goal of having the product, therefore pine blossom’s team is keen to achieve the ultimate goal.

Our Quality


✅ Pine Blossom producing its products reference to the GCC standard and Metrology and in compliance to the European Union Standards.

✅ Our products are evaluated in Approved International Laboratories to ensure both efficacy and quality. This evaluation involves the active ingredients as well.

✅ Accordingly. pine blossom products have a prior verification of both quality and effectiveness before their launch.

Our Ambition

✅ Pine blossom works to support Omani firms and local institutions through providing distinguishing products that securing a free germ media with highly safety parameters.

✅ We aim to be an Omani ambassador brand that proving the excellency of Omani products in the international markets, through sticking to the global standards of disinfectants and detergents sector.

✅ We also always strive to provide job opportunities for Omani youth to gain sufficient experience to develop our products under the umbrella of the Omani identity, and we seek to conduct training programs for graduates to prepare them for the Omani industrial and commercial market

“Never start business just to make money, start business to make difference
-Marie Forleo

Our Mission

With “Honesty, Professionalism, and   innovation,” only “belief” – true care – and “devotion” for after-sales service can bring customer loyalty and building trust.


Honesty is the soul of our Business. we provide consistency in workplace behavior and builds loyalty & trust in our customers and prospects.

Our Quality

Our vision is to actively contribute to the high-level service operation through providing high-quality products, Disinfectant and detergent products in our country.


we are committed to the success of the organization. We believe that we committed to work on our customer, employee’s satisfaction and do appreciation to their loyalty


Our company is devoted to complete our tasks and obliged to solve our customer problem and providing realistic solutions and fast actions.
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